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Key to Kalmia

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1 Petals separate; stamens uninvolved with the corolla; fruit 2-3 (-7)-locular
1 Petals fused; stamens spring-loaded, the anthers initially in pockets of the corolla; fruit 5-locular.
..2 Leaves whorled or opposite; inflorescence either an axillary raceme or a terminal corymbiform raceme.
....3 Leaves opposite, 1-4 cm long, subsessile; inflorescence a terminal corymbiform raceme
....3 Leaves whorled in 3s (rarely opposite), 2-5 cm long, the petioles 4-12 mm long; inflorescence an axillary raceme.
......4 Calyx lobes glandular-canescent and with marginal stipitate glands; leaves glabrous beneath; bracts and bracteoles densely glandular; stomates 18 μ long and 13 μ wide, 15-24 per 0.2 square millimeter; shrub to 1 (-1.2) m tall; [of ne. NC northward]
......4 Calyx lobes canescent but lacking glands; leaves short puberulent beneath; bracts and bracteoles nearly glandless; stomates 13 μ long and 9 μ wide, 35-51 per 0.2 square millimeter; shrub to 2 m tall (though often much shorter when growing in burned situations); [of se. and sw. VA southward]
..2 Leaves alternate; inflorescence an axillary fascicle or a terminal panicle.
........5 Leaves 0.5-1.5 cm long, 2-8 mm wide; twigs densely persistently hispid; [of the Coastal Plain of s. SC southward]
........5 Leaves 2.5-12 cm long, 7-50 mm wide; twigs glabrous or puberulent (glabrescent in age); [collectively widespread in our area].
..........6 Leaves deciduous, dull, and subcoriaceous, 1.5-3 cm wide; inflorescence a fascicle of 1-3 flowers, axillary to leaf scars near the tips of the previous year's growth; petiole 1-4 mm long; [of the Coastal Plain of NC and SC]
..........6 Leaves evergreen, glossy, and coriaceous, (1) 3-5 cm wide; inflorescence a terminal panicle; petiole 7-45 mm long; [widespread]
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