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Key to Elytraria

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1 Corolla pink (rarely white); petal lobes obovate (broadened towards the apex); corolla lobe apex strongly notched; margin of leaf sometimes lobed and undulate below the midpoint; scapes 2-12 cm long; [s. TX]
1 Corolla white; petal lobes oblong (the margins nearly parallel for most of their length); corolla apex rounded, truncate, or retuse; margin of leaf entire; scapes 15-35 cm long; [se. SC, s. GA, FL].
..2 Leaves linear, < 10 mm wide, > 15× as long as wide, somewhat rubbery, the margins parallel and often revolute; corolla lobes much shorter than the tube; lower leaf surfaces glabrous; [s. FL]
..2 Leaves oblanceolate, obovate, or elliptic, > 8 mm wide, < 15× as long as wide, membranaceous, the margins not parallel and generally not revolute; corolla lobes almost as long as the tube; lower leaf surfaces pubescent on the veins only or also across the surface; [se. SC south to c. peninsular FL, west to sw. GA].
....3 Leaves obovate, < 3× as long as wide; lower leaf surfaces pubescent beneath
....3 Leaves oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic, > 4× as long as wide; lower leaf surfaces glabrous to sparsely pubescent (and the pubescence mainly on the veins)
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