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Key to Hypochaeris

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1 Stem naked, or only with few and very small bracts; cypselas with ca. 15 ribs and no longitudinal grooves; pappus of two lengths, the outer short and barbellate, the inner long and plumose; [section Hypochaeris].
  2 Plants glabrous or apparently so; plants annual; corollas shorter than or slightly exserted from the involucre; corolla tubes longer than ligules; ray cypselas beakless
  2 Plants conspicuously pubescent, as on the hispid leaves; plants perennial; corollas much exserted form the involucre; corolla tubes shorter than ligules; cypselas all beaked
1 Stem with at least a few well-developed leaves, clasping and similar to the basal; cypselas with 5 pronounced longitudinal grooves; pappus of one length, all long and plumose; [section Phanoderis; series Microcephala].
    3 Flowers white; corolla tubes < 2× as long as the ligule; middle and outer phyllaries glabrous or puberulent; heads usually 2-4 mm wide at anthesis, the involucre cylindric
    3 Flowers yellow; corolla tubes > 2× as long as the ligule; middle and outer phyllaries hispid; heads usually 5-8 mm across at anthesis, the involucre campanulate
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