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Key to Lygodesmia

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1 Involucres 10-16 mm long; phyllary apices not appendaged; corollas 18-20 mm long, ligules 3-4 mm wide; cypselae 6-10 mm long; pappi 6-9 mm long
1 Involucres 14-25 mm long; phyllary apices appendaged; corollas 30-40 mm long, ligules 4-6 mm wide; cypselae 11-17 mm long; pappi 10-18 mm long.
..2 Basal leaves entire; cypselae sulcate on inner faces; stems strongly striate; [FL, GA]
..2 Basal leaves laciniately lobed; cypselae smooth on inner faces; stems weakly striate; [OK & TX westwards]
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