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Key to Polymnia

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1 Cypselas (4-) 5 (-6)-ribbed; stem either glabrous to glabrescent or glandular-puberulent; heads 3-7 mm in diameter; disc florets 12-29; ray florets (2-) 3-6.
..2 Leaves pinnatifid, with 5-11 lobes; stems glabrous (or glabrescent upwards); [KY and se. MO south through TN, AL, and GA to Panhandle FL]
1 Cypselas 3-ribbed; stem obviously and usually densely long-pubescent (rarely glabrous or glabrescent except the upper stem); heads 6-15 mm in diameter; disc florets 26-74; ray florets 5-17.
....3 Leaves of the midstem and below pinnatifid, with 5-7 primary lobes; phyllaries glandular-pubescent and with abundant longer, eglandular septate hairs; [widespread]
....3 Leaves of the midstem and below bipinnatifid to nearly pinnate-pinnatifid, with 10-21 primary lobes; phyllaries densely glandular-puberulent and with longer, eglandular, septate hairs lacking, or few and restricted to the margins; [narrow endemic of Marion County, TN]
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