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Key to Solidago, Key O: Key to "erect goldenrods" -- with basally disposed leaves and elongate, cylindrical inflorescences (subgenus Solidago, section Erectae]

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1 Phyllaries very narrow, ca. 0.5 (-0.75) mm wide, linear-lanceolate, very gradually tapering to a pointed or minutely rounded tip; [subgenus Solidago, section Erectae, series Puberulae].
..2 Stems glabrous below and to the mid-stem; rays mostly 6-9; inner phyllaries usually striate with 2 prominent secondary veins
..2 Stems finely hairy throughout with minute strigillose hairs; rays mostly 9-16; inner phyllaries not striate.
....3 Leaves 20-50 (-60) per stem; midstem leaves usually 4-5 cm long; phyllaries attenuate; [Mountains and Piedmont of GA northward, and Coastal Plain from VA northward]
....3 Leaves (20-) 50-120 per stem; midstem leaves usually 1-4 cm long; phyllaries acute to acuminate; [Coastal Plain from DE southward]
1 Phyllaries broader, (0.75-) 1.0-1.5 mm wide at mid-length, ovate to lanceolate, acute to obtuse or broadly rounded; [subgenus Solidago, section Erectae, series Erectae].
......4 Rays yellow (may turn pale yellow with age).
........5 Involucres (6-) avg. 7.2 (-9.5) mm high
........5 Involucres 3.5-6.5 mm high.
..........6 Leaves and stems sparsely to densely hairy with long, spreading (to less typically appressed) hairs
..........6 Leaves and upper stems glabrous or nearly so, the lower stems often somewhat hairy with short hairs (often feeling slightly scabrous).
............ 7 Inflorescence thyrsiform, very slender, usually linear in outline but sometimes with a few widely spaced elongate branches; cypsela bodies 2.2-3.0 mm long; ray flowers often pale yellow; [MA to se. IN, south to GA and MS, mostly avoiding the Coastal Plain southward]
............ 7 Inflorescence panicle-like, usually with several to many ascending branches and ovoid in outline; cypsela bodies 1.1-2.0 mm long; ray florets golden yellow; [MA to GA, west to SD and scattered south from CO to ne. NM].
............ ..8 Mid-stem leaves 0.4-1.5 (-2.0) cm wide; basal leaves 0.8-2.0 cm wide, entire or slightly serrate, present or absent at flowering
............ ..8 Mid-stem leaves usually > 2 cm wide; basal leaves (2.0-) 3.0-5.5 cm wide, coarsely serrate, present at flowering
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