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Key to Athyriaceae

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1 Leaves 1-pinnate to 1-pinnate-pinnatifid (the pinnae entire or pinnatifid); sori elongate, 2.5-6× as long as wide, even the larger sori generally straight and not extending across the veins.
..2 Leaves 1-pinnate, the pinnae entire
..2 Leaves 1-pinnate-pinnatifid, the pinnae pinnatifid
1 Leaves 2-pinnate to 3-pinnate (the pinnae at least 1-pinnate); sori elongate, 2-3× as long as wide, the larger sori generally curved and extending across the veins (except Diplazium esculentum).
....3 Veins anastamosing
....3 Veins free, simple or forked.
......4 Rhizomes short-creeping to ascending; leaves variegated, silvery gray and gray-green; [exotic, rarely persisting or naturalizing]
......4 Rhizomes erect; leaves not variegated, bright green; [native and widespread, sometimes cultivated]
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