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Key C: perennial asters with linear, fleshy leaves
[of Symphyotrichum subgenera Astropolium and Chapmaniani]

1 Leaves basally disposed; disc flowers 47-57; ray flower blades (10-) 14-15 (-20) mm long; [of FL]; [subgenus Chapmaniani]
1 Leaves mainly cauline, the basal and lower stem lives typically withered by flowering season; disc flowers (10-) 13-45 (-54); ray flower blades (4.5-) 5-8.5 (-9.5) mm long; [collectively widespread]; [subgenus Astropolium]
..2 Midstem leaves (1.0-) 1.5-2.7 mm wide; involucres 4.1-5.3 mm high; ray flowers 10-16; disc flowers (10-) 13-23; achenes 1.5-2.0 (-2.5) mm long; pappus 3.0-4.4 mm long; [of FL southward]
..2 Midstem leaves (1.5-) 3-6 mm wide; involucres 6-9.5 (-11) mm high; ray flowers (12-) 17-25; disc flowers 25-45 (-54); achenes 2.8-4.0 (-4.5) mm long; pappus 5.0-6.1 mm long; [widespread in our area]