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Click the number at the start of a key lead to highlight both that lead and its corresponding lead. Click again to show only the two highlighted leads. Click a third time to return to the full key with the selected leads still highlighted.

Key to Tetragonotheca

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1 Pappi 0 or 1-10, < 0.6 mm long, subulate to acerose.
  2 Stems villous; ray blades 20-40+ mm long; cypselae 4-6 mm long; [widely distributed]
  2 Stems sparsely tomentulose or glabrous; ray blades 10-18 mm long; cypselae 2.5-4 mm long; [TX]
1 Pappi 16-30, 0.5-2 mm long, obovate to spatulate.
    3 Leaves mostly cauline; upper leaves connate-perfoliate; ray florets 12-13, with ray blades 8-18 mm long
    3 Leaves mostly basal; no leaves connate-perfoliate; ray florets 16-21+, with ray blades 20-30+ mm long
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