Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Poaceae, Key K: grasses with 1 floret and unawned lemmas

1 Spikelets 18-32 mm long; [tribe Poeae]
1 Spikelets 0.7-10.8 mm long.
..2 Florets rigid, shining; glumes and lemmas rounded in ×-section, not keeled; spikelets 2.5-5 mm long; [tribe Poeae]
..2 Florets soft, papery; glumes and lemmas keeled in ×-section; spikelets 0.7-10.8 mm long.
....3 Florets with a conspicuous tuft of hairs on the callus; [tribe Zoysieae; subtribe Sporobolinae]
....3 Florets not conspicuously hairy on the callus.
......4 Lemma 1-veined; ligule of hairs; grain becoming mucilaginous when wet; [tribe Zoysieae; subtribe Sporobolinae]
......4 Lemma 1-5-veined; ligule a membrane (the summit sometimes ciliolate); grain not becoming mucilaginous when wet.
........5 Lemmas faintly 5-veined; lower glume longer than the lemma; palea much shorter than the lemma (or absent); [tribe Poeae]
........5 Lemmas strongly 3-veined; lower glume shorter than (rarely equaling) the lemma; palea about equaling the lemma; [tribe Cynodonteae; subtribe Muhlenbergiinae]