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Key to Cucurbita

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1 Leaf blades distinctly longer than broad, triangular, usually unlobed; [coyote melon]
1 Leaf blades as wide or wider than long, deeply to shallowly lobed.
..2 Corolla cream; [FL peninsula]
..2 Corolla bright yellow, golden yellow, or orange; [collectively widespread, at least as waifs].
....3 Stems and leaves variously pubescent, the hairs generally not pustulate-based.
......4 Fruiting peduncles relatively soft and corky-thickened, terete and not strongly ribbed, expanding gradually along their length
......4 Fruiting peduncles hardened and woody, 5-ribbed, abruptly and widely expanded at point of fruit attachment
....3 Stems and leaves hispid with pustulate-based hairs.
........5 Wild plants; fruit almost always bitter, solid ivory or green-and-white striped, usually not yellow or orange; rind smooth.
..........6 Fruit usually solid ivory, sometimes green-and-white striped; germination within 1-4 days
..........6 Fruit usually green-and-white striped, sometimes maturing yellow; germination within 3-7 days
........5 Cultivated plants (or occurring as waifs and short-term naturalized population, usually in proximity to cultivation); fruit non-bitter (except for some ornamental gourds), variously colored, often at least partially yellow or orange; rind smooth, ribbed, or with warts.
............ 7 [scallop, pattypan, acorn, crookneck, and straightneck squashes, most ornamental gourds]
............ 7 [cocozelle, jack-o’-lantern pumpkins, vegetable marrows, zucchini, some ornamental gourds]
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