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Key to Goodyera

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1 Leaves blue-green, the upper surface variegated with white, the midrib broadly whitened (1-3 mm wide), the remainder of the network of white variegations narrow (< 0.5 mm wide), generally lacking any internal variation in color, the outlines of the variegations smooth; inflorescence cylindric, not secund or one-sided
1 Leaves dark to pale green, the upper surface variegated with whitened green, the midrib only irregularly and narrowly pale green, most of the network of pale green variegations broad (0.5-1 mm wide), with a dark green center line (thus the variegations appearing double), the outlines of the variegations finely and irregularly toothed; inflorescence secund, primarily one-sided, or loosely spiraled.
..2 Lip narrowly saccate (the pouch much longer than deep), with an elongate recurved apex
..2 Lip deeply concave (the pouch about as deep as long), with a short spreading or recurved apex
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