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Key to Triphora

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1 Leaves reduced to sheathing bracts appressed to the stem or ascending along it; inflorescence a corymb of 3-10 (-15) erect flowers; perianth pale green or greenish-yellow (sometimes tinged with brown)
1 Leaves well-developed, spreading; inflorescence racemose or axillary, of 1-6 (-20) flowers; perianth (or at least the petals) white, pink, or cream yellow.
  2 Leaf margins undulate.
    3 Leaf undersides purple; flowers resupinate (the lip lowermost), nodding to nearly erect; sepals pale green, petals white, suffused and spotted with purple; disk of the lip with 3 parallel entire crests; capsules pendent or erect, ca. 10 mm long × 5 mm in diameter
    3 Leaf undersides green; flowers not resupinate (the lip uppermost), erect; sepals and petals white to cream yellow; disk of the lip with 3 parallel, denticulate, yellow crests; capsules erect, ca. 15 mm long × 8 mm in diameter
  2 Leaf margins entire and planar.
      4 Flower solitary; petals white to pink; leaves broader than long; [c. FL peninsula]
      4 Flowers (1-) 3-6 (-20); petals white; leaves longer than broad; [widespread in our area]
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