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Key to Maianthemum

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1 Flowers in a terminal panicle
1 Flowers in a simple raceme.
  2 Perianth segments 4 (flowers 2-merous); leaves (1-) 2 (-3) per stem
  2 Perianth segments 6 (flowers 3-merous); leaves 2-11 per stem.
    3 Leaves 6-11 per stem; leaf blades sessile or subclasping at the base; peduncle usually < 2 cm long; [VA, TN, AR, and OK northwards]
    3 Leaves 2-4 per stem; leaf blades narrowed to a subpetiolar base; peduncle 2-6 cm long; [n. NJ, s. PA, and n. OH northwards]
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