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Key to Muscari

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1 Raceme 10-20 cm long; pedicels of the terminal flowers > 5 mm long; flowers brown (the lower and fertile) and blue (the upper and sterile); leaves flat, mostly 8-20 mm wide; [subgenus Leopoldia]
1 Raceme 1-5 cm long in flower (somewhat longer in fruit); pedicels < 5 mm long; flowers all blue to blue-black; leaves flat, channeled, or terete, mostly 1-8 mm wide; [subgenus Muscari].
..2 Leaves flat or channeled, 3-8 mm wide; corolla nearly spherical, the lobes strongly recurved
..2 Leaves nearly terete, 1-3 mm wide; corolla ellipsoid-ovoid, distinctly longer than wide, the lobes erect.
....3 Perianth of lower (fertile) flowers bright blue
....3 Perianth of lower (fertile) flowers deep blackish-blue or -purple
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