Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Click the number at the start of a key lead to highlight both that lead and its corresponding lead. Click again to show only the two highlighted leads. Click a third time to return to the full key with the selected leads still highlighted.

Key to Amphicarpaea

1 Petiole 3.5-5.3 cm long; petiolule of the terminal leaflet (not including the rachis extending from the point of connection of the lateral leaflets to the joint marking the beginning of the petiolule of the terminal leaflet) 1.0-1.4 mm long; terminal leaflet 4.2-5.2 cm long
1 Petiole 6.0-6.8 cm long; petiolule of the terminal leaflet 1.7-1.9 mm long; terminal leaflet 5.5-6.1 cm long