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Key to Canavalia

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1 Leaflets coriaceous, 1.0-1.4× as long as wide, rounded (or obtuse) at the apex; seeds 1.5-2.0 cm long, mottled lighter and darker brown; [native, of beaches and coastal strands]
1 Leaflets herbaceous, 1.5-2× as long as wide, acuminate, acute, or obtuse at the apex; seeds 1.5-3.5 cm long, not mottled, either white to off-white or brown to dark olive; [rare exotic, of disturbed areas].
  2 Leaflet apices acuminate; lower calyx lip with central lobe equaling the obtuse lateral lobes; seeds red to red-brown (rarely white).
  2 Leaflet apices obtuse; lower calyx lip with central lobe longer than the acute or subacute lateral lobes; seeds brown to dark olive, or white to off-white.
    3 Seeds brown to dark olive; plant a twining herbaceous vine; legumes 6-20 cm long × 2-3 cm wide
    3 Seeds white to off-white; plant an erect herb; legumes 15-35 cm long × 3-3.5 cm wide
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