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Key to Capsicum

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1 Flowers usually only one per node after the first flowering node (rarely more); corolla bright to milky white (rarely bluish or violet).
..2 Fruit 2-20+ cm long; [bell pepper, jalapeƱo, ancho, poblano, etc.]
..2 Fruit 0.5-1 cm long; [bird peppers]
1 Flowers 2-5 per node above the first flowering node; corolla greenish-white.
....3 Pedicel of mature fruit with constriction (waist) at junction with calyx; pedicels declining or erect at anthesis; corolla lobes planar; [habanero, scotch bonnet]
....3 Pedicel of mature fruit broadening evenly into the calyx, without constriction; pedicels erect at anthesis, the flower itself nodding; corolla lobes usually slightly revolute; [tabasco]
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