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Key to Nicotiana

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1 Plant a shrub or small tree, 3-10 m tall; stems and leaf blades glabrous and glaucous; [section Paniculatae]
1 Plant an herb, 0.5-3 m tall; stems and leaf blades densely viscid-puberulent (or sparsely so to merely tuberculate in N. longiflora).
..2 Corolla tube 1.2-1.7 cm long, greenish yellow, with limb 3-6 mm wide; leaves distinctly petiolate; [section Rusticae]
..2 Corolla tube 2.5-12.0 cm long, cream, white, yellow, or pink, with limb 10-25 mm wide; leaves auriculate clasping.
....3 Larger leaves on a plant 3.5-8 dm long; corolla tube 3.0-5.5 cm long, 4-7× as long as the average diameter, the limb 10-15 mm wide, pink or reddish (rarely white); [section Nicotiana]
....3 Larger leaves on a plant 1-3 (-5) dm long; corolla tube 2.5-12.0 cm long, 10-50× as long as the average diameter, the limb 15-25 mm wide, white or lavender.
......4 Rosette of a few leaves, not persisting; cauline leaves clasping and decurrent on the stem; [section Alatae]
......4 Rosette persisting; cauline leaves clasping or auriculate, but not decurrent on the stem.
........5 Corolla tube 2.5-3.5 cm long; [section Alatae]
........5 Corolla tube 4-12 cm long.
..........6 Corolla throat constricted; filaments unequal, stamens didynamous (2 different lengths); cauline leaf blades lanceolate or linear, leaves sessile, auriculate; [section Alatae]
..........6 Corolla throat gaping; filaments equal, fused to corolla along their entire length, anthers appearing sessile; cauline leaf blades pandurate and clasping; [section Repandae]
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