Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Aristolochiaceae

1 Acaulescent herb; calyx tube straight, radially symmetrical; stamens 12; [subfamily Asaroideae].
..2 Leaves deciduous, pubescent, paired
..2 Leaves evergreen, glabrous, not paired
1 Caulescent herb, herbaceous vine, or liana; calyx tube bent, bilaterally symmetrical; stamens 6; [subfamily Aristolochioideae, tribe Aristolochieae].
....3 Woody, twining vine; leaves 3-35 cm wide; [subtribe Isotrematinae]
......4 Gymnostemium lobes 6; calyx limb 1- or 2-lobed, if 2, the lobes dissimilar in shape; [subtribe Aristolochiinae]
......4 Gymnostemium lobes 3; calyx limb 3-lobed, the lobes similar in size and shape and arranged radially around the tube orifice at 120 degree angles; [subtribe Isotrematinae]
....3 Erect to ascending herb or twining, herbaceous vine; leaves 0.7-6.5 cm wide.
........5 Leaf bases cuneate; gynoecium and androecium 5-merous
........5 Leaf bases cordate; gynoecium and androecium 3-, 5-, or 6-merous.
..........6 Twining herbaceous vine; gynoecium and androecium 5-merous
..........6 Erect to ascending herb; gynoecium and androecium 3- or 6-merous.
............ 7 Leaf blade as wide as long, or wider than long; leaf venation palmate; [subtribe Aristolochiinae]
............ 7 Leaf blade narrower than long; leaf venation pinnate (3-veined from the base, pinnate above); [subtribe Isotrematinae]