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Key to Cornaceae

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1 Leaves alternate (the internodes typically short and therefore the leaves apprearing nearly whorled)
1 Leaves opposite.
..2 Herb or dwarf shrub from a woody rhizome, to 2 dm tall; leaves in 2-4 pairs below the inflorescence; [of NJ and montane VA and WV northward]
..2 Shrub or tree, much taller than 2 dm when mature; leaves many; [collectively widespread].
....3 Inflorescence a head, subtended by 4 showy (white, creamy, or pink) bracts.
....3 Inflorescence a compound corymb, with green, tan, or brown (non-petaloid) bracts.
......4 Inflorescence a simple umbel; fruit red when ripe; inflorescence bracts brownish, 4, 5-10 mm long, subtending the umbel and enclosing it in winter
......4 Inflorescence a compound corymb; fruit blue or white when ripe; inflorescence bracts greenish, many, < 2 mm long, subtending the primary and secondary branches of the corymb
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