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Key to Moraceae

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1 Herb, < 1.0 m tall; stems and leaves without latex; [tribe Dorstenieae]
  2 Leaves on the stem; leaf blades cordate, not lobed; inflorescences axillary
1 Shrub or tree, at maturity over 1 m tall, or woody vine growing appressed to masonry; stems and leaves bearing translucent to milky-white latex.
    3 Stipules connate, the stipule scar encircling the twig; inflorescence a syconium (the flowers borne on the inner walls of the fleshy receptacle); [tribe Ficeae]
    3 Stipules free, the stipule scar not encircling the twig; inflorescence a spike, head, or catkin (the flowers borne exposed on a contracted or elongated axis or receptacle).
      4 Leaves entire, unlobed or shallowly 3 (-5)-lobed; stems with axillary spines [tribe Chlorophoreae]
      4 Leaves serrate, often also 3-15-lobed (the lobes sometimes deep); stems not armed.
        5 Stems and leaves hirsute/scabrous; leaves alternate, opposite, and whorled; [tribe Dorstenieae]
        5 Stems and leaves glabrous to pubescent; leaves alternate; [tribe Moreae]
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