Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Cyperus strigosus Linnaeus. Straw Flatsedge, False Nutsedge. Phen: Jul-Oct. Hab: Marshes, ditches, wet flatwoods, wet disturbed areas. Dist: QC west to SD, south to FL and TX; also in w. North America.

ID notes: This species is often confused with C. esculentus; the two are not closely related (see Key ZE). Small, looser-spiked plants of C. strigosus are easily distinguished at a glance by their longer, more spreading and loosely imbricate scales, greenish in flower and maturing dull stramineous or light brown laterally (vs. yellowish, occasionally light reddish-brown); in flower C. strigosus has shorter anthers (0.3-0.5 mm vs. 1 mm or more).

Origin/Endemic status: Native

Syn: = Ar, C, ETx1, FNA23, GW1, Il, K1, K3, K4, Mi, Mo1, NcTx, NE, NY, Pa, RAB, Tn, Tx, Va, W, WH3, WV; > Cyperus praelongatus – S; > Cyperus stenolepis – S; > Cyperus strigosus – S; > Cyperus strigosus var. robustior – F; > Cyperus strigosus var. stenolepis – G; > Cyperus strigosus var. strigosus – F, G

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image of plant© Keith Bradley
image of plant© Richard & Teresa Ware
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image of plant© Erik Danielson source
image of plant© Erik Danielson source