Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Chamaecrista nictitans (Linnaeus) Moench var. nictitans . Series: Chamaecrista. Common Sensitive-plant. Phen: Jun-Oct; Jul-Nov. Hab: Forests, woodlands, disturbed areas, pine savannas, and a wide variety of other habitats. Dist: C. nictitans is widely distributed in e. North America, and (depending on the scope of what is included in it) south into South America. Var. nictitans ranges throughout se. United States, north to MA, NY, OH, and KA.

Origin/Endemic status: Native

Syn: = Ar, Fl3, NY, Va, WH3, Isely (1998); = Chamaecrista nictitans ssp. nictitans var. nictitans – K1, K3, K4, NE, SE3, Irwin & Barneby (1982); < Cassia nictitans – GrPl, RAB, W, Isely (1975), Robertson & Lee (1976); > Cassia nictitans var. hebecarpa – F, G; > Cassia nictitans var. nictitans – F, G, Tx; < Chamaechrista nictitans – Il, misspelling; > Chamaecrista multipinnata – S; < Chamaecrista nictitans – C, Mi, NcTx, Pa, Tn; > Chamaecrista procumbens – S

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