Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Crataegus visenda Beadle. Bristol Hawthorn. Phen: Apr; Sep-Oct. Hab: Longleaf pine sandhills, other upland pine and pine-oak forests, disturbed lands, wooded hills with clay or sandy soils, often in xeric or sub-xeric conditions. Dist: C. NC and nw. GA south to n. FL and s. AL.

ID notes: Crataegus visenda is allied to C. sororia Beadle, differing in having mostly obovate leaves and a tendency for drooping leading twigs and branches. This hawthorn often attains the dimensions of a small tree (4-8 m tall and with a trunk 7-20 cm diameter).

Origin/Endemic status: Endemic

Syn: = FNA9; = Crataegus sororia var. visenda – Lance (2014); > Crataegus abdita – S2; > Crataegus annosa – S2; > Crataegus arrogans – K1, S2; > Crataegus calva – S2; < Crataegus flava – RAB, S; >< Crataegus flava – K1, K3; > Crataegus galbana – S2; > Crataegus segnis – S2; > Crataegus sodalis – S2; > Crataegus tristis – K1, S2; > Crataegus visenda – S2

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