Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Malus coronaria (Linnaeus) P. Miller. Sweet Crabapple, Wild Crabapple. Phen: May; Sep-Oct. Hab: Forests, woodlands, fencerows, occasionally in bottomlands. Dist: NY, ON and WI south to GA, AL, and AR.

Origin/Endemic status: Native

Syn: = FNA9, K4, Mi, NY, Pa, RAB, Tn, Va, W; = Pyrus coronaria – C, Robertson (1974); = Pyrus lancifolia – G; > Malus angustifolia var. puberula – K1, K3; > Malus bracteata – S; > Malus coronaria – K1, K3, S; > Malus coronaria var. coronaria – Il; > Malus coronaria var. dasycalyx – Il; > Malus lancifolia – S; > Pyrus coronaria var. coronaria – F, WV; > Pyrus coronaria var. dasycalyx – F; > Pyrus coronaria var. elongata – F; > Pyrus coronaria var. lancifolia – F, WV

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