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*Galinsoga quadriradiata Ruiz & Pavón. Common Peruvian-daisy, Devil’s-delight, Raceweed, Quickweed, Gallant Soldier. Phen: May-Nov. Hab: Disturbed areas, roadsides, barnyards. Dist: Native of Central and South America. A serious weed, especially in the cooler climates of the Mountains; Small (1933) described it as "a particularly pestiferous weed of such rapid growth and seeding as to make eradication extremely difficult." Fortunately, it does not seem especially prone to invade undisturbed natural areas.

Origin/Endemic status: Neotropics

Other Comments: "Galinsoga is one of the most troublesome weeds of nurseries and landscapes in many parts of the world. It is fast growing and can produce up to 7,500 seeds within only 8 to 9 weeks after germination." (Smith et al. 2020).

Synonymy: = Ar, Bah, C, Fl7, FNA21, GrPl, Il, K1, K3, K4, Mi, NE, NY, Oh3, Pa, SE1, Tn, Va, W, WH3; > Galinsoga bicolorata H.St.John & D.White – F, G; > Galinsoga caracasana (DC.) Sch.-Bip. – F, G; > Galinsoga ciliata (Raf.) Blake – F, G, RAB, S, WV

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