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Iris Linnaeus. Iris, Flag, Fleur-de-Lis, Blackberry-lily.

Key to Iris

A genus of about 225 species, herbs, of Eurasia, n. Africa, and North America. Wilson (2004) suggests that Belamcanda is phylogenetically nested within Iris and should be included there; Goldblatt & Mabberley (2005) make the appropriate nomenclatural combination. Alternatively, Iris may be broken up into multiple genera (Mavrodiev et al. 2014; Crespo, Martínez-Azorín, & Mavrodiev 2015; Mavrodiev et al. 2021).

ID notes: the petals are usually erect, smaller than the petaloid sepals (which are brightly colored, generally reflexed, and marked with a "signal"). The styles are also petaloid, arched over the sepals, and 2-cleft at the tip (except in I. domestica).

Belamcanda: Belamcanda chinensis
Iris: Iris germanica, Iris pallida, Iris pumila
Gattenhofia: Gattenhofia verna var. smalliana, Gattenhofia verna var. verna
Lophiris: Lophiris cristata
Xiphion: Xiphion xiphium
Limniris: Limniris prismatica, L. tridentata, L. sanguinea, L. sibirica, L. pseudacorus, L. ensata, L. versicolor, L. virginica, L. shrevei
Phaeiris: Phaeiris albispiritus, Phaeiris brevicaulis, Phaeiris fulva, Phaeiris hexagona, Phaeiris giganticaerulea, Phaeiris kimballiae, Phaeiris savannarum

Ref: Boltenkov et al. (2020); Crespo, Martínez-Azorín, & Mavrodiev (2015); Fernald (1947); Goldblatt (2002b) In Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2002a); Goldblatt & Mabberley (2005); Goldblatt, Manning, & Rudall In Kubitzki (1998a); Henderson (2002) In Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2002a); Mavrodiev et al. (2014); Mavrodiev et al. (2021); Wilson (2004). Show full citations.

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