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Brassicaceae Burnett. Mustard Family.

Key to Brassicaceae

A family of about 340 genera and 3400 species, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and rarely trees and vines, of cosmopolitan distribution (but most diverse in the temperate Northern Hemisphere).

Tribe a. Alysseae: Alyssum, Berteroa
Tribe aa. Anastaticeae: Lobularia
Tribe b. Anchonieae: Matthiola
Tribe d. Arabideae: Abdra, Arabis, Draba, Tomostima
Tribe e. Boechereae: Boechera
Tribe f. Brassiceae: Brassica, Cakile, Coincya, Diplotaxis, Eruca, Erucastrum, Orychophragmus, Raphanus, Rapistrum, Sinapis
Tribe g. Buniadeae: Bunias
Tribe h. Calepineae: Calepina
Tribe i. Camelineae: Arabidopsis, Camelina, Capsella
Tribe j. Cardamineae: Armoracia, Barbarea, Cardamine, Iodanthus, Leavenworthia, Nasturtium, Planodes, Rorippa
Tribe k. Chorisporeae: Chorispora
Tribe m. Conringeae: Conringia
Tribe n. Descurainieae: Descurainia
Tribe o. Erysimeae: Erysimum
Tribe p. Euclidieae: Braya
Tribe s. Hesperideae: Hesperis
Tribe t. Iberideae: Iberis, Teesdalia
Tribe v. Isatideae: Isatis, Myagrum
Tribe w. Lepidieae: Lepidium
Tribe x. ?? Lunarieae: Lunaria
Tribe z. Coluteocarpeae: Noccaea
Tribe aa. Physarieae: Paysonia, Physaria
Tribe bb. Sisymbrieae: Sisymbrium
Tribe dd. Thelypodieae: Warea
Tribe ee. Thlaspideae: Alliaria, Thlaspi

Warning to users: Some genera not yet included in key! Braya, Bunias, Chorispora, Conringia, Diplotaxis, [Eruca], Erucastrum, [Iberis], Iodanthus, Leavenworthia, Lobularia, Matthiola, Paysonia, Physaria, Rapistrum, Sinapis, Warea

Ref: Al-Shehbaz (1984); Al-Shehbaz (1985a); Al-Shehbaz (1985b); Al-Shehbaz (1986a); Al-Shehbaz (1986b); Al-Shehbaz (1987); Al-Shehbaz (1988a); Al-Shehbaz (1988b); Al-Shehbaz (2010a) In Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2010); Appel & Al-Shehbaz In Kubitzki & Bayer (2003); Esmailbegi et al. (2018); Rollins (1993). Show full citations.

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