Flora of the Southeastern United States
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Lamiaceae Martinov. Mint Family.

Key to Lamiaceae

A family of about 230-250 genera and 6700-7170 species, herbs, shrubs, vines, and trees, cosmopolitan. The placement in the Lamiaceae of several genera traditionally placed in Verbenaceae (e.g. Clerodendrum) is strongly supported by several lines of evidence.

subfamily Callicarpoideae: Callicarpa.
subfamily Viticoideae: Vitex.
subfamily Ajugoideae: Ajuga, Teucrium, Clerodendrum, Trichostema.
subfamily Scutellarioideae: Scutellaria.
subfamily Lamioideae:
tribe Synandreae: Synandra, Macbridea, Physostegia
tribe Stachydeae: Ballota, Galeopsis, Stachys, Sideritis
tribe Leonuridae: Leonurus, Chaiturus
tribe Marrubieae: Marrubium
tribe Lamieae: Lamium
subfamily Nepetoideae:
tribe Elsholtzieae: Collinsonia, Elsholtzia, Mosla, Perilla.
tribe Mentheae:
subtribe Salviinae: Rosmarinus, Salvia.
subtribe Menthinae: Blephilia, Clinopodium, Conradina, Cunila, Dicerandra, Hedeoma, Stachydeoma, Hyssopus, Lycopus, Mentha, Monarda, Origanum, Piloblephis, Prunella, Pycnanthemum, Thymus.
subtribe Nepetinae: Agastache, Dracocephalum, Glechoma, Meehania, Nepeta.
incertae sedis: Melissa.
tribe Ocimeae:
subtribe Hyptidinae: Hyptis, Cantinoa, Condea.
subtribe Ociminae: Ocimum.

Ref: Harley et al. In Kadereit (2004); Li et al. (2016a); Pastore et al. (2021). Show full citations.

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