Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Rosaceae A.L. de Jussieu. Rose Family.

Key to Rosaceae

A family of about 85-95 genera and 2000-3000 species, trees, shrubs, and herbs, nearly cosmopolitan, but mainly boreal and temperate.

Subfamily Rosoideae
Tribe Ulmarieae: Filipendula
Tribe Roseae: Rosa
Tribe Rubeae: Dalibarda, Rubacer, Rubus
Tribe Sanguisorbeae: Agrimonia, Poterium, Poteridium, Sanguisorba
Tribe Potentilleae: Argentina, Potentilla, Aphanes, Dasiphora, Drymocallis, Fragaria, Sibbaldiopsis
Tribe Coluriae: Geum, Waldsteinia
Subfamily Amygdaloideae
Tribe Amygdaleae: Prunus
Tribe Neillieae: Neillia, Physocarpus
Tribe Sorbarieae: Sorbaria
Tribe Spiraeeae: Aruncus, Spiraea
Tribe Exochordeae: Exochorda
Tribe Kerrieae: Kerria, Neviusia, Rhodotypos
Tribe Gilleniae: Gillenia
Tribe Maleae: Amelanchier, Crataegus, Pyracantha, Sorbus, Pyrus, Rhaphiolepis, Eriobotrya, Pseudocydonia, Chaenomeles, Photinia, Pourthiaea, Aronia, Cydonia, Malus

Ref: Chen et al. (2020); Eriksson et al. (2003); Ertter (2007); Kalkman In Kubitzki et al. (2004); Phipps (2014a) In Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2014); Potter et al. (2007). Show full citations.

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