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Crataegus pulcherrima Ashe var. pulcherrima . Beautiful Hawthorn. Phen: Apr; Sep-Oct. Hab: Hardwood and hardwood-pine forests, ravines, mesic slopes, sometimes locally abundant. Dist: W. GA and Panhandle FL, w. to LA and extreme e. TX; disjunct populations have been reported from Richmond and Burke Cos, GA and McCormick Co, SC

ID notes: Var. pulcherrima generally displays reasonable consistency in evenly incised leaf margins and straight, parallel primary veins, 20-stamened flowers, small (5-10 mm diameter) fruit and brown, furrowed trunk bark.

Origin/Endemic status: Endemic

Taxonomy Comments: Defined broadly, var. pulcherrima includes in synonymy a number of species described by Beadle, most of these not clearly distinct and sometimes intergrading in sympatric populations. The entities C. pinetorum Beadle and C. tecta Beadle, synonyms here, are held to species status by Phipps (FNA9). Suspected intraserial and interserial hybrids are occasionally found across the range, two of which may be Crataegus cullasagensis Ashe and Crataegus agrestina Beadle.

Synonymy: = FNA9, Lance (2014); > Crataegus abstrusa Beadle – S13; > Crataegus ancisa Beadle – S13; > Crataegus austrina – S13, Lance (2014); > Crataegus concinna Beadle – S13; > Crataegus contrita Beadle – S13; > Crataegus illustris Beadle – S13; > Crataegus incilis Beadle – S13, Phipps, O'Kennon, & Dvorsky (2006); < Crataegus intricata Lange – S; > Crataegus lenis Beadle – S13, S13; > Crataegus macilenta Beadle – S13, S13; > Crataegus pinetorum – K1, S13; > Crataegus pulcherrima Ashe – K1, S13, Phipps, O'Kennon, & Dvorsky (2006); > Crataegus robur Beadle – S13; > Crataegus tecta Beadle – S13

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