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Asplenium ×ebenoides R.R. Scott. Scott's Spleenwort. Phen: May-Oct. Hab: Moist outcrops of calcareous sedimentary rocks, such as limestone, dolostone, and on coquina limestone (shell marl), at low elevations. Dist: VT, NJ, c. PA, OH, s. IL, and MO south to e. VA, w. NC, nw. GA, c. AL, TN, and AR.

Origin/Endemic status: Native

Taxonomy Comments: A. ×ebenoides is a sterile hybrid (chromosome complement symbolized PR). In AL, however, one population in Hale County has undergone chromosome doubling and is a fertile allotetraploid (PPRR), now treated as A. tutwilerae. Populations of "A. ×ebenoides", especially if consisting of many individuals, should be checked for fertile spores to be sure they are not A. tutwilerae.

Synonymy: = Ar, C, Il, K4, NE, Pa, WV, Keener & Davenport (2007); = ×Asplenosorus ebenoides (R.R.Scott) Wherry – F; = Asplenium ebenoides R.R.Scott – K3; = Asplenium platyneuron × rhizophyllum – NY; = Asplenosorus ebenoides (R.R.Scott) Wherry – G; = n/a – RAB; < Asplenium ×ebenoides R.R.Scott – K1; < Asplenium ebenoides R.R.Scott – FNA2, S13, Sf

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image of plant© Alan Cressler: Asplenium Xebenoides, Dade County, Georgia 1 by Alan Cressler source
image of plant© Alan Cressler: Asplenium Xebenoides, Georgia 1 by Alan Cressler source | Original Image ⭷

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