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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PlantaginaceaeBacopa aquaticaAquatic in pools and exposed on mud.Native of South America.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeBacopa carolinianaBlue Water-hyssop, Sweet Water-hyssop, Carolina Water-hyssop, Lemon BacopaWet shores, tidal muds, marshes, disturbed wetland sites.Se. VA south to s. FL, west to e. TX; disjunct in KY.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeBacopa egensisBrazilian Water-hyssopLakes, ponds, ditches, other disturbed aquatic areas.Native of South America.
PlantaginaceaeBacopa innominataTropical Water-hyssopFreshwater and tidal muds, marshes, shallow water.MD south to s. FL, and in the West Indies and Central America.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeBacopa monnieriBrahmi, Indian-pennywort, Herb-of-grace, Monnier's Water-hyssopFreshwater tidal marshes, muddy shores, streams and pools.E. MD and e. VA south to s. FL, west to c. TX, and in the West Indies and the New World subtropics and tropics; also Old World tropics and subtropics. Reported for s. IN by Bill Thomas (pers.comm., 2022).image of plant
PlantaginaceaeBacopa repensSouth American Water-hyssopFreshwater pools.Presumably native of the New World tropics. Attributed to se. VA by Pennell (1935); no documentation is known.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeBacopa rotundifoliaMidwestern Water-hyssopTidal muds, shallow water of large natural lake, river sandbars, other shallow water and shore situations.IN and IA west to ND and MT, south to AL and AZ; disjunct in e. MD, e. VA, ne. NC, and e. SC (Bradley et al. [in prep.]), where apparently native, though Cronquist (1991) considered introduced. Known in NC only from Lake Mattamuskeet, Hyde County, and "north of Wilmingon); not recently seen.image of plant

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