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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CyperaceaeCladium californicumWestern SawgrassAlong streams on limestone.E. edge of the Edwards Plateau (including Bastrop County, TX), west to CA, south into Mexico (COA).
CyperaceaeCladium jamaicenseSawgrassIn circumneutral to alkaline situations, including brackish marshes and oligohaline freshwater marshes, widespread inland in FL over limestone or oolite (notably in the Everglades of s. FL), and also inland in pine savannas underlain by coquina limestone (NC) or in salt glades (s. AR) or calcareous fens (MO).Se. VA south to s. FL, west to sc. AR and e. TX; West Indies. This is, of course, the famous sawgrass which dominates many square miles in the Everglades of s. FL (where underlain by oolite).image of plant
CyperaceaeCladium mariscoidesTwig-rush, Fen-sedge, Smooth SawgrassIn strongly acidic to circumneutral situations, including acidic seepage at the margins of brackish marshes, in wet flats under Pinus serotina and Taxodium ascendens (Gaddy & Rayner 1980), in mucky seepage bogs in the fall-line sandhills, in peaty fens and bogs in the Mountains (especially over mafic or ultramafic rocks, such as amphibolite), in oligohaline tidal marshes and interdune ponds.NL (Newfoundland) west to SK Widespread and rather common north of the glacial boundary, with scattered and disjunct occurrences southward in VA, NC, SC, GA, Panhandle FL, n. KY (Clark et al. 2005), s. AL, se. MS (Sorrie & Leonard 1999), and e. TX. Bridges, Orzell, & Burkhalter (1993) discussed in detail the phytogeography of this plant, particularly in reference to its southern occurrences, which are curiously fragmented and disjunct.image of plant

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