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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeClitoria fragransScrub Butterfly-pea, Fragrant She-Pea, Sweet-scented PigeonwingsFlorida scrub, longleaf pine sandhills.Endemic to the c. FL peninsula.image of plant
FabaceaeClitoria mariana var. marianaButterfly Pea, She-peaDry woodlands and openings, roadsides.NY (Long Island), NJ west to s. OH, s. IL, MO, and OK, south to c. peninsular FL (Marion County), TX, and South America; disjunct in s. AZ.image of plant
FabaceaeClitoria mariana var. pubescentiaFlorida Butterfly Pea, Florida She-peaFlorida scrub, longleaf pine sandhills, dry pine flatwoods.Endemic to the nc. and s. FL peninsula. Apparently ranging as far north as Clay and Alachua counties.image of plant
FabaceaeClitoria ternatea var. ternateaBlue-peaDisturbed areas.Native of the Paleotropics. Weakly naturalized in s. GA (Isely 1998) and FL.image of plant