Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Scientific Name Common NameImage
Epidendrum acunaeGalé’s Star Orchid, Acuña’s Star Orchid
Epidendrum amphistomumDingy-flowered Star Orchid; Dingy-flowered Epidendrum
Epidendrum conopseumGreen-fly Orchid
Epidendrum floridenseUmbrella Star Orchid
Epidendrum nocturnumNight-scented Orchid, Night-scented Epidendrum, Night-blooming Epidendrum
Epidendrum radicansFire Star Orchid, Crucifix Orchid
Epidendrum rigidumStiff-flowered Star Orchid, Rigid Epidendrum
Epidendrum strobiliferumMatted Epidendrum, Big Cypress Star Orchid