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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CyperaceaeFuirena brevisetaShort-bristled Umbrella-sedgeCarolina bays, pine savannas, ditches, other wet habitats.A Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic: se. VA south to s. FL and west to e. TX, primarily in the outer Coastal Plain.image of plant
CyperaceaeFuirena bushiiBush’s Umbrella-sedgeWet acidic, sandy or peaty areas.Mainly West Gulf Coastal Plain of w. LA, s. AR, west to se. OK and e. TX.
CyperaceaeFuirena coerulescensBlue Umbrella-sedgeChrome ore piles, a waif.Native of ??.image of plant
CyperaceaeFuirena longaChapman's Umbrella-sedgePond margins.Panhandle FL and sw. GA west to e. TX
CyperaceaeFuirena pumilaDwarf Umbrella-sedgeDepression ponds, savannas, ditches, other wet habitats.Primarily a species of the Southeastern Coastal Plain, ranging from se. MA south to s. FL and west to TX, and also disjunct in the lowlands around the Great Lakes (as in n. IN and s. MI).image of plant
CyperaceaeFuirena scirpoideaSouthern Umbrella-sedgeNatural lakes, pineland depression ponds, wet pine savannas, marshes.A Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic: se. GA (Jones & Coile 1988; Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009) and FL, west to se. TX, also in Cuba and reported as a disjunct (or introduced?) in ne. NC and s. IL. Kral's (1978a) report of this species from ne. NC, where disjunct from the main body of the range in the deep South, needs further investigation.image of plant
CyperaceaeFuirena simplex var. aristulataWestern Umbrella-sedgeMoist open areas.MO and NE south to w. KY, e. LA, and c. TX.image of plant
CyperaceaeFuirena simplex var. simplexCreeping Western Umbrella-sedgeCalcareous seepage areas.MO, KS, NM, and AZ south to TX and s. Mexico.
CyperaceaeFuirena squarrosaHairy Umbrella-sedgePine savannas, seepages, streamhead pocosins, ditches, bogs, rocky river bars, calcareous fens, other wet habitats.MA (Cape Cod) and NY (Long Island) south to n. FL, west to c. TX, inland to w. NC, w. TN, KY, s. AR, and se. OK, mainly on the Coastal Plain, but less strictly limited to it than our other species.image of plant
CyperaceaeFuirena umbellataWet disturbed areas, marshes, canals, ditches.Native of West Indies; Mexico, Central America, South America, and Old World tropics.image of plant
CyperaceaeFuirena wallichianaWaif on chrome ore piles.Native of Asia.