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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeLathyrus aphacaYellow VetchlingDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia. Scattered in occurrence in the Southeast, including AL, TN, and KY (Kartesz 1999).image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus decaphyllus var. incanusHoary VetchlingPrairies.NE south to sc. OK and CO.
FabaceaeLathyrus hirsutusCaley Pea, Singletary Pea, Rough PeaRoadsides, fields, disturbed areas.Native of Europe. Reported for s. IN by Bill Thomas (pers.comm., 2022).image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus japonicus var. maritimusAtlantic Beach PeaBeaches.The species is circumboreal, south in eastern North America to NJ (or NC?) and the shores of the Great Lakes.image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus latifoliusEverlasting Pea, Perennial Sweet PeaRoadsides, fencerows, disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus ochroleucusCream Vetchling, Pale VetchlingDry forests and thickets.QC to AK, south to n. NJ, PA, w. KY, s. IL, IA, NE, ID, and WA.image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus odoratusSweet PeaCultivated, and occasionally persisting.Native of s. Europe.image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus palustrisMarsh Pea, Marsh VetchlingTidal freshwater marshes, calcareous fens, bottomland forests, other marshes, streambanks.Circumboreal, ranging in North America south to DE, VA, ne. NC, ec. GA, OH, IN, MO, CO, and CA.
FabaceaeLathyrus pratensisMeadow Pea, Yellow VetchlingDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia.image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus pusillusTiny PeaOpen areas in bottomlands, disturbed areas.E. VA, MO and KS, south to FL Panhandle and TX; disjunct in s. South America. The more eastern populations are scattered and curious.image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus sylvestrisPerennial PeaCultivated, and occasionally persisting, and more rarely naturalizing.Native of Europe. Reported as naturalizing in se. TN along a roadcut (Hart, Shaw, & Estes 2012).image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus tuberosusTuberous VetchlingDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Introduced in e. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), WV (Strausbaugh & Core 1978), and KY.image of plant
FabaceaeLathyrus venosusForest Pea, Bush Vetch, Veiny PeaDry to mesic slope and bottomlands forests and woodlands, rocky bars and outcrops along rivers, somewhat (but not at all strictly) associated with base-rich soils.S. ON west to MN and SK, south to c. NC, wc. GA, LA, and TX.