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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PlantaginaceaeLinaria vulgarisButter-and-Eggs, Yellow Toadflax, Wild-SnapdragonFields, pastures, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of Europe. Reported for Coastal Plain of GA (Taylor County) by Carter, Baker, & Morris (2009).image of plant
PlantaginaceaeLinaria maroccanaMoroccan ToadflaxDisturbed areas.Native of n. Africa. This species is being included in "wildflower mixes", and should be expected to be encountered as a waif at other locations through our region. Introduced in VA (perhaps just a waif) and WV. Reported as adventive in Alleghany County, NC (Poindexter, Weakley, & Denslow 2011).image of plant
PlantaginaceaeLinaria canadensisCommon ToadflaxIn a wide variety of natural and disturbed habitats, especially common and weedy in disturbed sites such as roadsides and fields, also common and apparently native in thin soil of rock outcrops.NS west to ND, south to s. FL and TX; also adventive on the west coast, from WA to CA.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeLinaria floridanaFlorida ToadflaxSandhills, scrub, dunes, other dry, sandy places.E. GA south to s. FL and west to s. MS.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeLinaria texanaTexas ToadflaxGranite flatrocks, grassy pinelands, dry sandy soils, disturbed soils of roadsides and fields.Native of sc. United States, the eastern extent of the original range unclear.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeLinaria dalmatica ssp. dalmaticaDalmatian ToadflaxRoadsides and other disturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe and w. Asia.
PlantaginaceaeLinaria genistifoliaBroom-leaved ToadflaxRoadsides, disturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe. The record of this in se. PA may be only based on a specimen of Linaria dalmatica.
PlantaginaceaeLinaria repensStriped ToadflaxRoadsides, ballast, other disturbed areas.Native of Europe.
PlantaginaceaeLinaria bipartitaClovenlip ToadflaxRoadsides, disturbed areas.Native of n. Africa.
PlantaginaceaeLinaria supina ssp. supinaProstrate Toadflax, Lesser Butter-and-EggsDisturbed areas, waif from horticultural use.Native to sw. Mediterranean Europe.
PlantaginaceaeLinaria purpureaPurple ToadflaxDisturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe.image of plant

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