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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PrimulaceaeLysimachia ×productaWet barrens in oak flatwoods, other moist areas.MT, QC, ON, and WI south to NC and TN.
PrimulaceaeLysimachia asperulifoliaPocosin Loosestrife, ‘Roughleaf Loosestrife’Low pocosins, high pocosins, streamhead pocosins, savanna-pocosin ecotones, sandhill-pocosin ecotones.Endemic to the Coastal Plain of NC and SC.image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia barystachysManchurian LoosestrifeDisturbed areas.Native of Manchuria. Reported from a single county in nc. GA (Jones & Coile 1988; Kartesz 2020) {further investigate}.
PrimulaceaeLysimachia clethroidesGooseneck LoosestrifeRoadsides (cultivated and rarely persistent or escaped).Native of Japan. Collected in the Mountains of NC (Macon County), escaped from cultivation; it is also reported as naturalized in Grundy County, TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997, Kral 1981) and White County, GA (C. Horn, pers. comm., 2018).image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia fraseriFraser’s LoosestrifeHardwood forests, forest edges and roadbanks, thin soils around rock outcrops, usually flowering only when exposed to extra sunlight by a tree-fall light gap or other canopy opening.W. NC and e. TN south to n. SC, n. GA, and AL; disjunct in s. IL and nw. TN (Stewart County) (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997).image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia japonicaJapanese Loosestrife, Ko-nasubi, Dwarf Creeping-Jenny, Miniature MoneywortGrassy places, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of Japan and China. Reported for WV (FNA 2009, Harmon, Ford-Werntz, & Grafton 2006), LA (FNA 2009), and e. TN (M. Brock, pers.comm., 2022).image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia loomisiiCarolina LoosestrifeMoist to wet savannas, pocosin ecotones.Endemic to the outer and middle Coastal Plain of NC, SC, and e. GAimage of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia maritimaSea-milkwortSaline coastal habitats.The species is interruptedly circumboreal, in North America from QC south to VA on the east coast, and from BC south to OR on the west coast, also inland in w. North America, from SK south to NM. Gleason & Cronquist (1952) suggested that L. maritima is introduced near its southern limit in the east.image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia nummulariaCreeping Jenny, Creeping Charlie, MoneywortLawns, pastures, seepages, other moist, disturbed places.Native of Europe.image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia punctataLarge Loosestrife, Spotted LoosestrifeDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia. First found in NC in 1985 (Weakley in prep.).image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia quadrifoliaWhorled LoosestrifeA wide variety of forests and openings, including pine savannas of the outer Coastal Plain, ranging from moist to very dry.ME west to WI and MN, south to SC, c. GA, AL, and TN.image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia terrestrisBog Loosestrife, Bog-candles, Swamp-candlesBogs, wet meadows, and swamp forests.NL (Newfoundland) west to MN and SK, south to SC, GA, e. TN, and sc. TN.image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia thyrsifloraTufted LoosestrifeBogs, swamps, marshes.Circumboreal, south in North America to NJ, PA, OH, and MO (Kartesz 1999), WV (FNA), and MD (from Big Marsh, Kent County) (Steury, Tyndall, & Cooley (1996), NE, CO, UT, and CA.image of plant
PrimulaceaeLysimachia vulgarisGarden LoosestrifeDisturbed bottomlands, marshes, disturbed areas.Native of Europe. Introduced and naturalized south at least to se. and sc. PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993), WV, KY, MD, and NJ (Kartesz 1999) and now reported for n. VA (Steury, Fleming, & Strong 2008).image of plant

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