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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeMedicago arabicaSpotted Medick, Spotted Bur-cloverFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe.image of plant
FabaceaeMedicago heldreichiiHeldreich's AlfalfaWaif on ore piles.Native of sw. Turkey.
FabaceaeMedicago laciniataWaste areas around wool-combing mills and old seaports.Native of Europe, probably merely a waif.
FabaceaeMedicago littoralisShore Medick, Water MedickBeaches and dunes, disturbed sands.Native of Mediterranean Europe. Reported for s. AL (H. Horne, 2013, pers.comm.; Woods & Orcutt 2017), Panhandle FL (L. Anderson, 2013, pers.comm.), and e. NC (E. Ungberg, pers.comm. 2022).
FabaceaeMedicago lupulinaBlack Medick, Yellow TrefoilFields, roadsides, disturbed areas, vacant lots.Native of Europe.image of plant
FabaceaeMedicago minimaDowny Bur-clover, Bur MedickFields, roadsides, disturbed areas, on ballast.Native of Eurasia.image of plant
FabaceaeMedicago monspeliacaHairy MedickWaif at old seaports.Native of Mediterranean Europe, n. Africa, and w. Asia.
FabaceaeMedicago orbicularisButton MedickLawns, disturbed areas, limestone glades.Native of Mediterranean Europe and n. Africa. Reported for Calloway County, KY (Abbott & Thompson 2019).image of plant
FabaceaeMedicago polymorphaSmooth Bur-clover, Toothed MedickFields, roadsides, lawns, disturbed areas, vacant lots.Native of Mediterranean Europe.image of plant
FabaceaeMedicago rigidulaTifton Medick, Tifton Burclover
FabaceaeMedicago rugosaWrinkled MedickNative of the Mediterranean Europe.
FabaceaeMedicago sativaAlfalfa, Lucerne, Blue Alfalfa, Yellow Alfalfa, Sickle MedickRoadsides, fields, disturbed areas.Native of Europe and sw. Asia.image of plant
FabaceaeMedicago scutellataSnail MedickWaif on ore piles.Native of Mediterranean Europe.