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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeNeptunia luteaYellow NeptuniaLongleaf pine savannas, prairies, roadsides.AL west to OK and TX.image of plant
FabaceaeNeptunia microcarpaLittle-fruit Neptunia, Rio Grande PuffScrub.S. TX south into adjacent Mexico (COA, NLE, TAM).
FabaceaeNeptunia oleraceaGarden-puff, Water Mimosa, Garden-mimosaFloating aquatic in ponds, slow-moving waters.Native of the Neotropics.
FabaceaeNeptunia plenaWater-dead-and-awakeIn shallow water; possibly merely adventive in our area.S. TX south through Mexico and Central America to South America; West Indies.
FabaceaeNeptunia pubescensTropical NeptuniaPine savannas, longleaf pine sandhills, Florida scrub, prairies, coastal prairies, roadsides.S. GA, AL, and FL west to s. TX, and south to Argentina.image of plant

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