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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeOplismenus setariusWoods-grassHammocks, maritime forests, shell middens, moist forests.O. hirtellus is widespread in tropical and subtropical areas of the New and Old World; the "setarius entity" (variously treated at subspecies or species rank) ranges from e. NC south to FL, west to AR and TX, and south through the Caribbean and Central America to central South America.image of plant
PoaceaeOplismenus undulatifoliusWavyleaf BasketgrassMoist forests.Native of the Eastern Hemisphere (Asia and perhaps also native in s. Europe). It was reported as an introduction in Baltimore Co., MD (Peterson et al. 1999), from which it rapidly spread. McAvoy (2021) documented it for New Castle County, DE.image of plant
PoaceaeOplismenus burmanniiZacatillo, Burman’s Basket-grassHammocks, trails, gardens, other disturbed areas.Native of New World and Old World tropics. Collected in peninsular FL from Alachua County southwards (Davis, Judd, & Perkins 2006).image of plant
PoaceaeOplismenus hirtellusShady limestone rockland.Native of tropical New World and Old World.image of plant

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