Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Scientific Name Common NameImage
Opuntia abjectaJumping Cactusimage of plant
Opuntia atrispina
Opuntia austrinaSouthern Prickly Pear, Florida Prickly-pearimage of plant
Opuntia cespitosaCommon Eastern Prickly-pear
Opuntia cochenilliferaCochineal Nopal Cactus, Tunita
Opuntia cymochila
Opuntia drummondiiDune Prickly-pear, Sand-bur Prickly-pear, Little Prickly-pear, Creeping Cactusimage of plant
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmanniiEngelmann’s Prickly-pear
Opuntia engelmannii var. linguiformisCow’s-tongue Prickly-pear
Opuntia ficus-indicaTuna Cactus, Indian-fig
Opuntia humifusaEastern Prickly Pearimage of plant
Opuntia leucotricha
Opuntia lindheimeriTexas Prickly-pear
Opuntia macrorhizaTuberous-rooted Prickly-pear, Plains Prickly-pear
Opuntia mesacantha ssp. lataPrickly-pear
Opuntia mesacantha ssp. mesacanthaPrickly-pear
Opuntia monacanthaCommon Prickly-pear
Opuntia nemoralisPrickly-pear
Opuntia ochrocentraBullsuckers
Opuntia phaeacanthaTulip Prickly-pear
Opuntia polyacantha var. polyacanthaHair-spine Prickly-pearimage of plant
Opuntia stricta var. dilleniiCoastal Prickly Pear, Shell Midden Prickly-pear, Yaaxpakanimage of plant
Opuntia stricta var. strictaCoastal Prickly Pear, Shell Midden Prickly-pear