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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia americanaAmerican Whitlow-wortLongleaf pine sandhills, Florida scrub.S. SC south to GA and s. FL.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia argyrocomaSilverling, Silver Whitlow-wortThin soils of rock outcrops, especially on mountain summits at medium to high elevations, disjunct to a few Piedmont monadnocks.A characteristic component of the summit flora of Southern Appalachian peaks, P. argyrocoma occurs in the mountains of New England (ME, NH, VT, and MA), and in the Southern Appalachians of WV, VA, NC, TN, n. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), and n. AL.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia baldwinii ssp. baldwiniiAnnual Dune Whitlow-wortDry sandy sites, woodlands or dunes.E. NC south to c. peninsular FL and west to AL (and LA?), on the Coastal Plain.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia baldwinii ssp. ripariaPerennial Dune Whitlow-wortDry sandy sites, woodlands or dunes.Se. VA south to n. FL (and AL?), on the Coastal Plain.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia canadensisCanada Whitlow-wort, Forked ChickweedDry rocky woods, shale barrens.NH and s. ON west to MN, south to n. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), AL, n. AR, c. LA, and KS.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia chartaceaPaper NailwortFlorida scrub and sandhills. Occurring in both xeric white and yellow sands.Endemic to the FL peninsula, primarily occurring on the Lake Wales Ridge.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia discoveryiFlorida scrub and scrubby flatwoods, interior dunes, and longleaf pine sandhills.Endemic to FL (at least Brevard, Hardee, Lake, Orange, St. Johns, and Volusia counties).image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia drummondiiDrummond's NailwortLongleaf pine savannas, dunes.OK south to w. LA e. TX, and s. TX.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia erecta var. corymbosaHairy SquareflowerCoastal dunes.Panhandle FL west to se. LA.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia erecta var. erectaSmooth SquareflowerCoastal dunes.Panhandle FL west to s. MS.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia fastigiata var. fastigiataCommon Forked Whitlow-wortDry, usually rocky, woodlands, often on thin soil around outcrop edges.MA and VT west to se. MN, south to Panhandle FL and e. TX.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia fastigiata var. nuttalliiPennsylvania Forked Whitlow-wortDry woods.NY, sc. PA, n. VA, WV, e. TN, and w. NC.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia fastigiata var. paleaceaGreen Forked Whitlow-wortDry, mostly rocky woodlands.NJ, DE, and PA west to IL, south to VA, NC, KY, TN, MO, and TX.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia herniarioidesMichaux's Whitlow-wortSand barrens, longleaf pine sandhills, Florida scrub.Sc. NC south to c. peninsular FL and e. Panhandle FL. The occurrence of this species in NC (cited by Small, Chaudhri, and FNA) is based on the type specimen of André Michaux ("in arenosis aridis Carolinae septentrionalis"); the species has been relocated in NC (Scotland County) by Harry E. LeGrand, Jr, over two centuries later, apparently very close to where Michaux must have encountered it.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia jamesiiJames's NailwortRocky or sandy open areas, prairies and pastures, especially over calcareous rocks.NE and se. WY south through KS, OK, and CO to TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE, SON).
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia jonesiiJones's NailwortDunes, mesquital, dry grasslands.Endemic in s. TX.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia lindheimeriLindheimer's NailwortRocky, sandy, or gravelly dry areas.Mainly c. TX, south into Mexico.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia lundelliorumLundells' Nailwort"In tight sandy soils over saline clay on microhighs within salty prairie grasslands dominated by Spartina spartinae and in upper portions of saline flats surrounding short drainages and brackish basins typical of the South Texas Sand Sheet" (Poole, Carr, & Price 2007).Endemic to s. TX (Brooks, Kenedy, and Kleberg counties).
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia minimaCrystal Lake NailwortWhite sand of exposed karst lake shores.Endemic to the Panhandle FL (Bay and Washington counties).
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia montanaShale-barren Whitlow-wortDry rock outcrops and talus barrens, especially on shale barrens.C. PA (and OH?) south through w. VA and e. WV to a few localities in NC, TN, GA, and AL.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia patulaPineland NailwortLongleaf pine sandhills, sandy disturbed areas.Sw. GA west to s. AL, south to c. peninsular FL.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia rugeliiSand-squares, Rugel's NailwortLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods.S. GA and se. AL south to c. peninsular FL.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia scopariaTexas Whitlow-wortLimestone outcrops.AR and sw. MO (McDonald County) south to e. and sc. TX and COA.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia setaceaBristle NailwortGrasslands.E., c. and s. TX.
CaryophyllaceaeParonychia virginicaVirginia Whitlow-wortShale barrens, rocky riversides, calcareous rock outcrops and talus, serpentine outcrops.W. & c. MD, DC, w. VA, e. WV, e. TN (J. Gorrell, pers.comm., 2022), ec. GA, and c. AL.image of plant