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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PrimulaceaePrimula fassettiiJeweled Shooting-starMoist ledges and bluffs over calcareous rocks.WI and MN south to IL and MO; disjunct in sc. and se. PA. This species has been reported for ne. WV; those reports are in error.image of plant
PrimulaceaePrimula frenchiiFrench's Shooting-starSandstone rockhouses, ledges, cliffs.IN, IL, and MO south through KY to AL and AR.image of plant
PrimulaceaePrimula japonicaJapanese Primroseimage of plant
PrimulaceaePrimula meadiaEastern Shooting StarRich forests, woodlands, and rock outcrops (primarily calcareous or mafic), especially with nutrient-rich seepage, prairies, bluffs.MD and PA west to s. WI, se. MN, IA, and OK, south to sc. SC, n. GA, n. FL (Gadsden County), AL, and TX.image of plant
PrimulaceaePrimula verisCowslip, Cowslip PrimroseGardens and suburban areas, used horticulturally and rarely persistent.Native of Eurasia.image of plant