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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OphioglossaceaeSceptridium biternatumSouthern GrapefernMoist forests, clearings, old fields.MD, PA, s. IN, s. IL, and c. OK south to s. FL and e. TX.image of plant
OphioglossaceaeSceptridium dissectumCut-leaf Grape Fern, Dissected GrapefernMoist forests, clearings, old fields.NS and QC west to ON and MI, south to Panhandle FL and e. TX; also in the West Indies.image of plant
OphioglossaceaeSceptridium jenmaniiAlabama GrapefernMoist to dryish forests and disturbed areas.C. and sw. VA and w. KY south to Panhandle FL, s. AL, and e. LA; also in the West Indies.image of plant
OphioglossaceaeSceptridium lunarioidesWinter GrapefernOld fields, pastures, young forests, granitic flatrocks, juniper-oak-blue ash woodlands over limestone, cemeteries.W. NC, c. TN, and s. SC south to n. FL, and west to e. TX and se. OK.image of plant
OphioglossaceaeSceptridium multifidumLeather GrapefernGrassy balds and high elevation meadows; moist forests.NL (Labrador) and AK south NJ, PA, OH (and in the mountains to VA and NC), IN, IL, IA, NE, CO, NM, and CA.image of plant
OphioglossaceaeSceptridium oneidenseBluntlobe GrapefernMoist or boggy forests, floodplain forests, bogs.Local in occurrence from NB, QC, and ON south to NC, TN, KY, IN, and WI.image of plant