Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Scientific Name Common NameImage
Setaria adhaerens
Setaria barbataMary-grass
Setaria chapmaniiChapman’s Bristlegrass, Coral Bristlegrass
Setaria corrugataCoastal Plain Bristlegrass
Setaria faberiNodding Foxtail-grass, Giant Foxtail-grass
Setaria firmulaKnotgrass
Setaria grisebachiiGrisebach’s Bristlegrass
Setaria italicaFoxtail-millet, Italian Millet, Hungarian Millet
Setaria leucopilaPlains Bristle-grass
Setaria macrospermaCoral Bristlegrass
Setaria macrostachyaLarge-spike Bristle-grass
Setaria magnaSaltmarsh Foxtail-grass, Giant Foxtail-grass
Setaria megaphyllaBigleaf Bristlegrass
Setaria pallide-fusca
Setaria palmifoliaPalmgrass
Setaria parvifloraKnotroot Bristlegrass, Perennial Foxtail-grass
Setaria pumilaYellow Foxtail
Setaria ramiseta
Setaria rarifloraBrazilian Bristlegrass
Setaria reverchoniiReverchon's Bristle-grass
Setaria scheeleiSouthwestern Bristle-grass
Setaria setosaWest Indian Bristlegrass
Setaria sphacelataAfrican Bristlegrass
Setaria texanaTexas Bristle-grass
Setaria verticillataHooked Bristlegrass
Setaria verticilliformis
Setaria villosissimaHairy-leaf Bristle-grass
Setaria viridis var. majorGiant Green Foxtail
Setaria viridis var. viridisGreen Bristlegrass