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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeStylosanthes bifloraPencil-flowerLongleaf pine sandhills, dry to moist (but not wet) pine savannas and flatwoods, dry forests, woodlands, woodland borders, glades, barrens, rock outcrops.S. NY west to OH, s. IL, and KS, south to c. peninsular FL and e. TX.image of plant
FabaceaeStylosanthes calcicolaMarl prairies and pine rocklands.S. peninsular FL; West Indies (Bahamas, Cuba); Central America.image of plant
FabaceaeStylosanthes guianensisNative of Central and South America. Report for SC (Barnwell Count) (Kartesz 2020) appears to be based on a misidentification.
FabaceaeStylosanthes hamataDisturbed areas.Probably native of Central America and South America.
FabaceaeStylosanthes viscosaSandy prairies.S. TX south through Mexico and Central America to South America; West Indies.